Barbara Opall-Rome’s commentaries have been published in Ha’aretz, Los Angeles Times, The New York Post, Times of Israel and other publications.

For 20 years, I've prioritized my impartiality. Now, witnessing Netanyahu's pathological assault on democracy and its gatekeepers, I’ve decided it’s time to go all in
How the successes of those who dare to dream can stagnate under those who fail to follow through
Netanyahu is misreading the script of the ongoing saga regarding the U.S. military aid package to Israel. It's not Israel's birthright: it's a privilege that must be earned.
Those who consider Israel has a 'moral obligation' to former prisoner 09185-016 can get busy privately fundraising for him. But Israel's government should take no part in it.
Netanyahu may be convinced Israel will forever live by the sword, but that doesn’t mean that Washington must pay for it.
Israel's security establishment and its servile defense reporters need a few lessons in quality journalism and the rights of a free media beyond its borders.
The 'Free Pollard' campaign ahead of Obama's visit is a disgrace to American Zionists and U.S.-Israel relations. The bare truth is that he committed espionage for financial gain and glory.
Us-Israeli Fault Lines
Israel’s Great Robot Hope
Gaza: Israel’s Bad Choices
Walling off the palestinians may offer Israelis a false sense of security